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Ted Bevelacqua creates visual content for those who want to tell a story. Whether your story is about your company, products or people, he loves using video to communicate.

The process is simple from conception to completion. You provide the inspiration and Ted provides the creative direction. Together in a collaborative manner, Ted is able to deliver the exact message you want your audience to receive. Whether a company profile, product review, personal interview, social media initiative, or just a simple life style segment, he loves helping people tell their stories through digital media.

You will be working with Ted, not a big agency. Teddy-B Productions is a company Ted founded to help businesses compete in the digital age. Internet marketing has become paramount for every business to succeed. Ted is not just a hired cameraman or commissioned editor, he is one who has 30 plus years in the business arena. Pulling from a broad range of experience in manufacturing, sales & marketing and video productions, Ted is confident that he will add value to your marketing efforts.